Oct 18

Trapping Radio – 84 – How to trap muskrats on a marsh, with Morgan Bennett

How to trap muskrats


Trapper radio 84 podcast

trapping radio podcast

This week on Trapping Across America we had Morgan Bennett. 

He is a well know muskrat trapper from Maryland, the marshes of Maryland to be exact. How to trap muskrats on the tidal marsh? It sounds like a lot of work, walking and knowing the marsh along with the muskrats. I admit that I am out of my depth with the way Morgan traps. I do not totally grasp how his marsh is or how to make it pay. I ask a ton of questions, so any one that listens will have an idea how to trap the rats in the tidal marsh. Even if you do not trap muskrats in a marsh like he does, I bet you will pick up some tips and tricks to use on your own muskrat trap line. Sit back and enjoy.

muskrat marsh trapping

On a side note, my Wolfer Nation YouTube channel broke a million views about 8 days ago. Not that this matters much, but it is a cool thing to me anyhow. If you watch to channel, thanks a bunch. I can now get a cup of coffee for a buck fifty since I broke 1,000,000 views.


The season has started for a lot of you and is getting close for the rest of us. Thank goodness, I am itching for some fur trapping. I think I will start with some beaver and play in the water a little bit. Go out and get some mud under your finger nails. I dirty trapper is a happy trapper.

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Host Clint Locklear

Host Clint Locklear

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  1. rob wigton

    great informative interview….. good stuff, thanks BD

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