Oct 05

Trapping Radio #42, Coyote trapping, coyote traps, wire screen pan covers, scent control, anti-freeze interview with Scott Welch

Trapping Radio #42, Coyote trapping, coyote traps, wire screen pan covers, scent control, anti-freeze interview with Scott Welch

 Trapping Radio show # 42


This week on Trapping Across America we are interviewing Scott Welch from Welch’s High Production Lures. This is the second interview with Scott. We started the interview with the idea with getting into coyote trapping, well that did not happen. We never got that far, but we covered some ground that we were not expecting to cover in such detail. We start off with coyote traps, trap sizes, trap modifications, trap tuning, wire screen covers, human scent control and the best ways to keep one’s traps from freezing down in cold weather. We were having a great conversation about these topics and being brutally honest. Next week we will get into catching coyotes, but what we cover in this show is very important to become a better coyote trapper. This was a very fun show to record and you will get a kick out of it. I’m willing to bet that you will find yourself smiling as much as we were.

“Trappers that use small traps are kind of like liberals”, Scott Welch.    I am taking this quote kind of out of context and he ment nothing degrading when he said it, but what a great quote to make him squirm!!!!!

Our Sponsor this week is Okie Cable &Trap Supply. You can click on link and not turn off the podcast. So you can see what Jeb has to offer. If you have not worked with Jeb before, you will be glad you did. He will treat you right and get you a great price on your trapping supplies.

In a week or so, Predator Control Group will have an advertising program in place. If you have a product, book, dvd or sell trapping supplies, we can make sure that your advertisement dollars will be seen by trappers that are serious about trapping and snaring. We will have banner ad space and only a few sponsors on the trapping radio show itself.  We will have available the true numbers on both Trapping Radio and Wolfer Nation to help you decide which site is best to meet your advertising needs.


  1. jack stipanovic

    Please let me know about advertiseing on your program.
    Thank you,

    1. admin

      You can e-mail at clint@wolfernation.com with what you want to advertise and how, and I’m sure we can work something out.

  2. lisa

    It is great listening to Clint and Scott “unleashed” you two play off of each other so well! That hour goes by tooo fast!

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