Oct 19

Trapping Radio # 44, Coyote and Bobcat Trapping with trapperchick

Coyote and Bobcat Trapping with trapperchick

trapperchick trapping radio 44 

This week on Trapping Across America we are interviewing trapperchick. If you think trapping is only a mans game, you could not be further from the truth. Sure trapperchick is nice to look at, but she is way more than that, she is a trapper that hammers coyotes and bobcats for predator control and the live market in AR. Learn how she got started in trapping, never tell a women she can not do something, she will only prove you wrong. Listen why she likes the MB 550 trap. She also gets into her trap sets and how she picks her coyote and bobcat locations. We have a good time talking trapping and I’m willing to bet you will have a great listening, When I was first told about trapperchick this was my verbal introduction, ” a Harley riding, ass kicking, gun-toting, coyote killing, rebel yelling all outdoor southern bell”.

Our Sponsor this week is Okie Cable and Trap supply. If you have not worked with Okie cable and Trap supply before, you don’t know what you are missing. If you need traps, they have you covered. If you need bodygrip traps they have you covered. If you need trapping swivels, trowels, DP’s or lures, Jeb has you covered. You can click on their link and cruz their site as you listen to trapperchick. This will not cause the podcast to stop.

The Predator Control Group product of the week is our Cat Collector (4hr) DVD. Clint shows you what he has learned trapping bobcats is several different states. The system in the video is clear and deadly. You need to have all the control issues covered that plague all bobcat trappers on their trap line. If your not controlling the bobcat from the first time he sees the flag, your missing cats. If you use a generic predator set, your missing a lot of bobcats. This DVD is not a re-hash of out of date bobcat information, but a system that works from cost to cost. You will not see walk though sets or exposed traps on this dvd, and once you watch the video you will see why.

If you would like to read some of trapperchick’s trapping articles, check out Wolfer Nations free video mag.


  1. daniel carlson

    Great show again. I wish our deer could read here in Iowa. They cross the road anywhere and not wait till they get to a deer crossing sign. ha ha Maybe someone needs to tell this lady all they have to do is put under the deer crossing sign another to remind the deer to look both ways before crossing.

  2. Rendall Irwin

    Very good show!!!

  3. Anthony Wolfsong

    well done, ‘chick !

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