Nov 02

Trapping Radio # 46, Blackie’s Blend Lures, Raccoon trapping on the River, coyote and fox trapping with Carrol Black

Trapping Radio # 46, Blackie’s Blend Lures, Raccoon trapping on the River, coyote and fox trapping with Carrol Black

Trapping Radio Blackie’s Blend#46

This week on Trapping Across America we are interviewing the one and only Carrol Black from Balckie’s Blend Lures. I’m proud to call Carrol my friend and am thrilled to having on the show tonight. The brain child of having Trapping Radio came from some of the conversations I have had with Blackie over the years. I thought it was a shame that others could not join in on all the fun, laughing and lessons from the trap line.

Tonight we are going to start with coyote and fox trapping on dry land. Then we will hit the river on Blackie’s raccoon line. He treated his raccoon line and canoe like he was on a military operation. Then we will get into what it takes to build a bullet proof canoe and trappers truck. If you do not find yourself learning and smiling during this show, you need to check your pulse.

Our sponsors this week are as follows:

F&T Fur Harvester’s Trading Post, “Everything you need for Trapping, Hunting with Hounds and Predator Calling”. We welcome our new sponsor and you should check out their web-site www.fntpost.com

Okie Cable & Trap Supply, They are large enough to get you a deal, and small enough to give you the customer service you need.  Make sure to check out their web-site at www.oktrapsupply.com

The Predator Control Group product of the week is our Texas Predator School.  We only have a few slots left for the school that will be kicking off in February, in the great state of Texas. We will only have 2 students at a time at the school this year. This will insure that you will get the personal attention you need. Don’t miss out of trapping and snaring coyotes, bobcats, badger, raccoons and a chance to catch yourself a MT Lion. You will be on a real PCG control job, running your section of the fence and foothold trap line in the warm TX sun. Make no mistake about it, if you come, you will trap, snare and catch fur all day long. Plus learn all you want to about becoming a Predator control operator. We will be holding nothing back, including the fun and good food.




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  1. Evan Block

    How exactly do you listen to the shows?

    1. admin

      Click on the grey button that says play and turn up volume. You can also down load to you mp3 player or your computer.

  2. Chad

    By far my favorite show. I’ve listened to it no less than five times and will no doubt listen to it again. High on both educational content and entertainment. MY GOD BLACKIE!!!

  3. david driver

    My first time listening great show i really liked it learned a little laughed a lot

  4. Gary Durham

    i agree, great show.

  5. lisa

    Blackie is the man! He is old school with a capital “O” Could listen to him talk truck maintenance for an hour. When that generation is gone, we will all kick ourselves in the ass for not listening to them more!

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