Nov 09

Trapping Radio #47, J.R. and Sons interview. We talk about the lure business, lures, baits and ingredients, trapping animals and the life of a modern trapper.

J.R. and Sons interview. We talk about the lure business, lures, baits and ingredients, trapping animals and the life of a modern trapper.

Trapping Radio # 47


This week on Trapping Across America we are interviewing Jeff Robinson from J.R and Sons. He is a trapper and a lure maker that has been seen around the convention circuit for years. He also has a fox trapping video out, Eastern Fox Trapping. Once we get introduced, we fall into a conversation about the world of lure making, oil’s and the business. Then we get into trapping out-of-state, skinning and more trapping talk. You will enjoy this show, so pull up a chair, smear a little call lure under your noise and enjoy.


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  1. Jason Webster

    Great show Clint! I really enjoy all your shows. The lure and bait side of this business is what i would like to get into more.

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