Nov 17

Trapping Radio # 48, Trapping beaver on castor mounds with 330 body grip traps, catching muskrats with Tom Olson

How to bed a coyote trap, Trapping beaver on castor mounds with 330 body grip traps, catching muskrats with Tom Olson

trapping radio 48 tom olson

This week on Trapping Across America we are pleased to have Tom Olson the bogmaster with us. Tom is from MN and runs Tom Olson’s Trapping Supplies ((651) 436-2539. Our interview starts with Toms childhood memory’s of trapping muskrats in open water and on the Ice. He is well known for beaver trapping, but that is not how he started out. The first time he set a trap on dry ground he had an experience with a skunk that still haunts him today. Plus his first experience with a muskrat trap included a 357 pistol. Not only will you learn a thing or two from Tom about trapping, but you will enjoy his story and stories as much as I did.

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Note: due to trapping, being on the road and Thanksgiving we will not have a show next week. You will find about 48 hours of trapping radio shows in the archives to get your fix, if needed.

We at PCG wants to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving with your family and that your trap line over flows.

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  1. Seldom

    Great interview!

    I found it interesting that though Tom is a few years younger than me and started after I did, how he started trapping and his life in Minnesota was so similar to mine in Michigan. Few people I think understand or maybe comprehend how we as young folks of that era started trapping with so little information and without needing tongain concentiuos from a trapping forum on how to do something.

    I, like Tom had no mentor, nor did I ever “follow” another trapper along his line to “spy”(for lack of a better word) on how and why he did what he did. We learned by trial & error and were never discourged to the point we quit but rather would spud another hole in 3′ of ice! I also think that folks from our era have a different value system than what is accepted as normal or taken for granted today. I can’t say whether that’s good or bad but I bet Tom wouldn’t trade one bit of experience gained from those years anymore than I would!!

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