Nov 30

Trapping Radio # 49, Alan Probst from North American Trapper TV show, mink, muskrats, blind sets and tracking animals

 Alan Probst from North American Trapper TV show, trapping mink, muskrats trapping, blind set trapping and tracking animals

Trapping radio 49 Alan Probst


This week on Trapping Across America we are interviewing Alan Probst from www.alanprobst.com the man who got the first national trapping TV show off the ground. He is also the film producer of FNT’s North American Trapper TV  show that airs on the Pursuit Channel. I have known Alan for years, but once I did this interview with him, he moved up Clint’s respect meter by leaps and bounds. I never knew how he got into making outdoor shows or the trapping shows, but once Alan explained how he first thought about doing a show and the journey he had to take to reach his goal, my hat is off to him. 

Besides talking about what it takes to put an outdoor show on TV, we talk about mink and muskrat trapping in the east. What PA was like….back in the day, when he first got started in trapping. Next we get into game wardens and what their role should be. From there we get into tracking animals and why this is so important to trappers today. Let the animals be you professor.

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  1. Jeff

    One of the best episodes yet. I’d like to hear more from Alan, he’s easy to understand and is geared towards us trappers who are beginners or getting back into trapping after 20 plus years (like me, 20 years of military service and 4 years of hesitancy about getting back into trapping).

  2. Ken A.

    Good Program!!!!

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