Jan 11

Trapping Radio # 54, how to make castor mound sets for beaver with foothold, body grip traps and snares.

Trapping Radio # 54, how to make castor mound sets for beaver with foothold, body grip traps and snares.

Trapping Radio 54 how to make castor mound set beaver


This week on Trapping Across America, we look at an old beaver trappers favorite beaver set, the castor mound set. We will jump into many aspects of beaver trapping with the castor mound set. Why do beaver make castor mounds? How do the beaver make the castor mounds. More importantly to you the trapper, how do beaver work a castor set and how we can use that to our advantage to catch them. We will talk about using foot hold traps, body grip traps, and snares. Then we will again talk about how to take more than one beaver from one set in one night.



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Predator Control Group’s product of the week is The Art of Professional Beaver Control by Clint Locklear. This is a no B.S. four-hour training course about catching beaver. The video is set up for the man who is paid to trap beaver in an ADC business. It is also a great video that goes into great detail on trapping beaver with foothold traps, body grip traps and snares. This is not you standard generic beaver trapping video. 4 hours long.

If your on Face Book, Join Clint’s Face Book page. You can find it under Clint Locklear, this is where he posts about what he is up to.




  1. Mike

    Great Show!!! Had me rollin a couple times. I’ve got a tricky old beaver will have to try the beavercicle. Thanks for putting on these shows Clint.

  2. The Meat Trapper

    Man that was a very educational episode!

    Never in a million years would I have thought to use a beavercicle as a lure. I’ve always wondered why sometimes I had chewed up beavers, Now I know.

    Thanks for sharing this. I put out two castor mound sets today – two traps on each one.

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