Jan 18

Trapping Radio # 55, Red Fox Trapping, fox traps and fox dirt hole set with Randy Smith

Trapping Radio # 55, Red Fox Trapping, fox traps and fox dirt hole set with Randy Smith

trapping radio 55 randy smith red fox



This week on Trapping Across America, we have an outstanding interview with Randy Smith from PA. He traps red fox in Maryland. He took a pile of fox this year in a short amount of checks. Randy goes into trapping red fox around a heavy people population. What this means and how to work around the troubles that can come up. next he will go into his traps and fox set that he uses to catch fox after fox. He had to stay on some farms this year longer than he would normally do and what that did to the fox reactions to the traps. We cover red fox locations and a lot of really good information that any trapper can use on their own personal trap line. At the interview I ask Randy what it means for him to work as a full-time trapper. Both ADC and fur trapping. Let’s go catch some red fox!

                                                                    Randy Smith fox trapping

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trapperchick.com, she has her coyote trapping video on the market now. You know you want to go trapping with trapperchick! You can see what she is up to at trapperchick.com

F&T Fur Harvester’s Trading Post, “Everything you need for Trapping, Hunting with Hounds and Predator Calling”. We welcome our new sponsor and you should check out their web-site www.fntpost.com

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Predator Control Group’s product of the week,  Combins & Coyotes, Wolfen’ the Corn belt by Randy Smith. Follow Randy Smith as he hammers coyotes in the corn belt country of the mid-west.Watch and learn how Randy takes 180 coyotes in just 15 days. He shows early nice weather trapping, sloppy wet muddy trapping and snow/ frozen ground conditions.You can learn the methods that allow randy to take coyote after coyote at such a fast pace. Randy’s catch is not by accident or luck, it is an all out attack that is based off of years of long lining coyotes. See double after double catches and even a true quad (four) coyote catch on film! Topics Covered: • Traps, Lure and Bait. • Wolfer style sets. • How and why to use heavy steel screen. • In depth locations and why. • Remakes in different weather conditions. • Watch and learn how to skin a coyote off of the tail gate in 3.5 minutes. • Randy shows how to gland a coyote and how to use coyote parts to catch more coyotes. Warning: may cause coyote fever, loss of sleep, increased heart rate, stuttering, and an increase in testosterone release. not for the Weak hearted or tree huggers. 2 hrs

If your on Face Book, Join Clint’s Face Book page. You can find it under Clint Locklear, this is where he posts about what he is up to.

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