Apr 12

Trapping Radio # 61, Fisher trapping and hunting with a Falcon, interview with John and Mark from Maine

Trapping Radio # 61, Fisher trapping and hunting with a Falcon interview with John and Mark from Maine


tradio Radio # 61 Fisher trapping

 How to trap coyotes with trapperchick

fisher trapping

This week on Trapping Across America we have a double whammy for you. We have John and Mark from Maine to talk about trapping fisher and how Mark hunts with Falcons and Hawks. Oh, yes, you can hunt coyotes and bobcats with a bird. I doubt Uncle Sam will issue an eagle permit for hunting them, but it is being done overseas. How cool would that be to see or be the eagle hunter. Both John and Mark have trapped in Maine for decades for fur and money. I will admit that I know little about fisher trapping, so I got to ask the questions that I have been thinking about.

hunting with a falcon

I recorded this in Texas with the idea of uploading the show from down there. No such luck, so that is why there is a strange intro to this show from most shows.

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