Apr 27

Trapping Radio #63, How to trap and catch coyotes, fox and bobcats, interview with Albert Simpson

Albert Simpson trapping with Predator Control Group in Texas

Albert Simpson trapping with Predator Control Group in Texas


 trapping radio #63 how to catch trap kill coyotes and bobcats


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This Week on Trapping Across America I am interviewing a good friend of mine Albert Simpson about coyote and bobcat trapping. Albert is from PA, but has trapped many different states . He works with Predator Control Group on our south Texas Predator jobs. Albert is known to us as old school and he is that!

Not only does Old School know how to set traps and catch his share of coyotes and bobcats, he has been on some wild and extreme trapping adventures. During this interview we talk about a few of them. Trapping is an adventure and Albert has been on many of them and has the tee-shirts to prove it. We start out talking about fox trapping and how he got starting in the steel game and then on to adventures and catching coyotes, red fox and bobcats. This is a great interview with a veteran trapper, enjoy!

Our sponsors this week are as follows:

F&T Fur Harvester’s Trading Post, “Everything you need for Trapping, Hunting with Hounds and Predator Calling”. We welcome our new sponsor and you should check out their web-site www.fntpost.com

Okie Cable & Trap Supply, They are large enough to get you a deal, and small enough to give you the customer service you need.  Make sure to check out their web-site at www.oktrapsupply.com

trapperchick.com, she has her coyote trapping video on the market now. You know you want to go trapping with trapperchick! You can see what she is up to at trapperchick.com 

Clint has a new lure that will be hitting the market this fall. It is a bobcat lure that is designed to for catching bobcats in numbers on a rub or projection set. I have tested this lure on my own bobcat trap line and was very pleased with the results. The make up of this new causes a dramatic rubbing response from bobcats.

host Clint Locklear

host Clint Locklear


  1. Jason Webster

    I was wondering where exactly Albert Simpson was from? I heard him say he was from SW Pa and them he made a comment about walking down RT 218 with his first fox, I live just off RT 218 in Greene County and as far as i know there is only one 218 in in SW Pa.

    1. admin

      I don’t know the town, but he is right on the WV border

      1. Jason Webster

        Yep, I pulled out the phone book and looked him up. I believe he is just a couple of miles down the road from me. Sometimes you just dont realize how small of a world we live. Here i am lissen to an interview with a man that lives pretty much in my back yard. Great interview by the way, keep up the great work.

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