May 03

Trapping Radio-64- How to trap bobcats, trapping Texas and Bobcat cage traps interview with Norm Blackwell

Trapping Radio-64- How to trap bobcats, trapping Texas and Bobcat cage traps interview with Norm Blackwell

trapping radio-64- how to trap bobcats with Norm

trapping radio podcast

This week on Trapping Across America we are talking trapping bobcats with foothold trap, snares, body grip traps and cage traps with Norm Blackwell from N&J Trapping. Norm is a good friend of mine that also is an instructor at our Texas Predator School in south Texas. Besides teaching at our school Norm flat tears the bobcat, coyotes and raccoons while he is down there. Besides all that Norm is the manufacture of our new bobcat cage trap that is coming out this summer.

how to catch get rid of and trap bobcats

We talk about how Norm sets his foothold sets for bobcats, he uses a cubby set of sorts, likes snare in the high fence more than body grip trap and yes, he uses large expanded pans on his traps. After we trap all day, Norm is the camp cook, and he can cook. We will be posting some of our new chief-Norm-boy-r-dee cook what you catch videos on Wolfer Nation in the near future.

Our sponsors this week are as follows:

F&T Fur Harvester’s Trading Post, “Everything you need for Trapping, Hunting with Hounds and Predator Calling”. We welcome our new sponsor and you should check out their web-site www.fntpost.com

Okie Cable & Trap Supply, They are large enough to get you a deal, and small enough to give you the customer service you need.  Make sure to check out their web-site at www.oktrapsupply.com

trapperchick.com, she has her coyote trapping video on the market now. You know you want to go trapping with trapperchick! You can see what she is up to at trapperchick.com 

Predator Control Groups product of the week is CAT COLLECTOR DVD. Follow along with Clint Locklear from Predator Control Group as he explains in detail his system for taking numbers of cats anywhere in the country.

For FOUR HOURS  Clint drills down on commercial bobcat trapping, not hobby or sport trapping methods. Clints system allows you to attack a bobcat population, get them caught and get to the next group of cats. You will understand how a cat works a set and why general predator set are not a high percentage bobcat set. You will learn the rules of production cat trapping and then be able to take these guidelines and rock’n roll on your own cat line.

Besides the instruction side of the Cat Collector DVD, you will see several cat working sets, getting caught and fighting the trap in NIGHT VISION FOOTAGE!

NOTE FROM Clint: I decided not to put out a cat trapping video till I could hammer a cat population as fast as raccoon trapping. For years I have been looking at different ways to speed up and cut misses. The system on this video is my full system on taking a very high percentage of the cats in an area. Control is the key. If you don’t control the key issues, you will miss a lot of cats. General predator sets miss to many cats. If you want to rack up the numbers, this system will work for you anywhere in the country. You will also see a ton of cats on the video. Cat Collector is entertaining, but like the rest of our video’s, it is made for you to be a better trapper. I’m very proud of this video, it is worth several thousand dollars to any bobcat trapper. I wish I had this information several years ago.  If you are wanting to learn a serious bobcat system you will not be disappointed.

host Clint Locklear

host Clint Locklear


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