Jun 14

Trapping Radio – 69- Talking coyote trapping with the National Coyote trapping Champion

Trapping Radio – 69- Talking coyote trapping with the National Coyote trapping Champion

Trapping Radio 69 Coyote Contest

trapping radio podcast

This Week on Trapping Across America we have a treat for every trapper out there. We are interviewing Darrel Schwatz for Virgina. He is the 2012 Coyote Trapping Champion. Last year was the last contest out in New Mexico, and Darrel was a man on a mission. We talk about the contest. What was it like, what is competition trapping like. Darrel is hooked and so is many other trappers that have went down this road. We will talk coyote trapping along with the fun and games of being in and or winning the Coyote trapping Contest. Enjoy, I know I did.

Darrel Schwatz

coyote trapping contest

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Clint has a new lure that will be hitting the market this fall. It is a bobcat lure that is designed to for catching bobcats in numbers on a rub or projection set. I have tested this lure on my own bobcat trap line and was very pleased with the results. The make up of this new causes a dramatic rubbing response from bobcats. The name is simple to remember, RUB LURE.



Host Clint Locklear

Host Clint Locklear


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  1. Chip

    “And I went to Walmart”….”there was no one behind me in line when I looked back”…..I think I’ll try that the next time I go…..Anything I can do to keep a few of those “Walmartero’s” away from me will help!

  2. Ryan Watson

    Now the show can’t be broadcast via iPhone? Used to be able to do so, now I can only get it on computer…bummer

    1. admin

      Dude, I don’t know anything about Iphones. I am not doing anything different than I always have. Maybe Apple is trying to make you use only content they have control with.

  3. k9krusader

    LOL i put in my wifes email and its her picture she is not the krusader

  4. k9krusader

    hey Clint thank you for your service to us trappers your a big help i have an off topic question ive heard u say your doing some speaking at the west virginia trapping convention i also read about it in the trappers post i am a member of the wvta but i can not find any info regarding events and times for that convention i found the dates sept 20/22nd i think. at the gilmer county rec center . are u speaking both days? also they are haveing a trappers college that i cant find where and when for trappers college will be would u have any of this info thanks again Clint i hope to see you there if i can get some info bout the dang thing

    1. admin

      I will be there for the whole show, I think what i am doing is a two hour class on predator trapping Fri or Sat night. Your best bet is to contact the WV Association to get all details. Hope to see you there!

      1. k9krusader

        thanks for getting back to me on this issue and i will be there hope to meet ya until then stackem high

  5. David

    Curious, What is the pop corn sound in the back ground of the radio sound

    1. admin

      Raining like cats in dogs with metal roof

  6. Jeff hoffman

    I am having problems listening to the show. It only runs approx 5 minutes then kicks out. Is there anything i can do to solve this?

    1. admin

      Sounds like a slow internet conection to me. May want to down load file then listen if stops.

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