Oct 03

Trapping Radio – 82 – Coyote Call lure, Gland lures and Blackies Blend demo

Coyote Call lure, Gland lures and Blackies Blend demo


Trapping Radio 82 podcast

trapping radio podcast

This week we talk about Bill Nelson and call lures. Not long distance call lures but a true call lure in the Bill Nelson way. The we have a recording of Carroll Black from Blackies Blend Lure. This is not an interview, but a partial recording of his demo at the WV trapping convention. It is not the most clear show I have done, but it is great info from Carroll Black. Do you think bobcat meat is a good coyote or fox bait base meat, then you might not want to listen to this.

I will be at the KY convention this weekend and at Blue Ridge Outdoors next weekend. I hope to see you there.

Blackies Blend trapping radio

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  1. jason nichols

    That right there was the best trapping radio I have listened to yett. Thank you so much.

  2. Joe Brandaberry

    Clint that was probly the best recordings I’ve every heard. Wat really got me was the last story he told . Becous I was the person in school thay said wouldn’t amount to anything. So I thank u for puting that one on here. Joe

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