Jan 13

Trapping Radio Show # 12, How to snare coyotes, tips and idea’s, snare cable, where to set snare and snare locks

How to snare coyote. Besides trapping, snaring is deadly on coyotes. How you build the snare, snare lock, 1×19 snare cable or 7×7 snare cable makes the difference. Where you set the snares to how to support a snare.

trapping radio show # 12

This week on Trapping Across America we will neck-deep in coyote snaring. We will look in fence snaring, snare line management, loop sizes, open or tight trails, deer, human scent and bait stations.

On Beginners corner, beavertrapper breaks down snaring to the base line of what a snare is and what is for.

We will also look into the dirty dozen of anti groups that are well-funded, but poor on principle.


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  1. Gail Keller

    I trap in New Mexico and I use the electronic “screamers” at my walk-through sets with an attractor,either above my set with a call lure,behind my trap with lure,or a combination of both,the screamer is placed concealed above my set.I like to make blind trail sets,exposed walk-through sets,or set snares on the trails that lead to the general area of my sets with the electronic callers,these types of sets catch the curious animals that will not work the sets with the screamer and attractors.Most times the obvious sets with the screamers catch the bold toms,that seem to fear nothing,the females and YOY kittens,are caught in the other sets on the trails leading to and from the screamer sets,mostly.When I place the screamer on the ground in a rock cubby or in a brush or root pile,I catch coyotes first,before the bobcats get to the set.I catch a few grey fox,mostly males,at the walk-through sets with the screamer above the set and some in the trail sets.I like the fact that you can catch a very large majority of toms with the screamers above the walk-through sets,it helps to preserve the female population to a degree in an area you trap regularly,but it only takes one or two other good trappers to come in and set you back a few years in your population control effort.

  2. dp

    y is it so hard to trap in a high fence

    1. Coon King IV

      Animals where ever they are, are never lining up to die.

  3. Derek

    Y is it harded to trap in a high fence

  4. admin

    I have never used the caller with snares, but have with foot traps with sets. i was more using a female in heat to pull over a fence or really rough country. I don’t see why this would not work. I think the trick will be figuring out the sound level. Come on to strong and the cats may get off the trails or stop short. i would also try and keep snares out 30-50 yards from caller. Let us know how you do with this.

  5. Cat Crippler (Charlie)

    First off, I want to say I look forward every Friday to the show. I find Trapping Radio show very helpful for getting other points on trapping fur. I don’t have much experience in snaring, so i’m really enjoying these last couple shows and getting some good information. I have one question. I do have some experience with using electronic baits near may cages. What I have noticed is it causes some of the cats not to commit to the cage, and circle the area before leaving. I find this more on smaller cats and females.

    Has any of the snaremen used an electronic bait station with success? Place the e-bait, lets say in the center of a heavy brushed area and load up all the outer trails with snares? If this is being done already, I have no idea, but was thinking about trying it on my next out of state trip. Its hard to haul alot of bait with you when your traveling long distances and thought this may increase may success. Any have any experience with this?

  6. Beavertrapper

    Awesome tip about moving a snare back a few feet from where a trail enters a greenfield. Never thought about that.

    Excellent advice about avoiding deer as well!

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