Feb 03

Trapping Radio show # 15, Trapping otter, beaver, raccoon and bobcats in LA and state hopping in NM

How to trap and catch more beaver, otter and raccoons. Trapping with body grip traps, footholds and snaring. Trapping otter, beaver, raccoon and bobcats in LA and state hopping in NM

Trapping radio show # 15

This week on Trapping Across America, we will look at trapping in LA and NM. These are some of the lessons I learned while state hopping in these two states.

Please Note: There will not be a radio show next week, we will see you again in two weeks


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  1. Texas trapper

    Gail’s posts make me want to vomit

    1. admin

      That’s a little rough don’t you think. What wants to make you vomit? I don’t get it.

  2. jeff dunlap

    i trapped louisiana last year and this year for 21/2 months. i really enjoy it there.never met any of the trappers there but thats not a bad thing :)

  3. admin

    Thanks for pointing out that there may be some new snare laws. I would not worry about out of state trapper. Some of the best trappers i have meet live in LA.

  4. Gail Keller

    Clint,you are close on most of the things you said about Louisiana,but be aware that the situation can vary greatly from one parish to the next and there are new snaring regulations being proposed in the 15 parish Black Bear critical habitat area.Unlike some states,we welcome non-resident trappers and we are not slow to admit when we are out-trapped by a better trapper,we learn from them and better our own game.I also trap in New Mexico and look forward to my trip there most seasons,it is an experience second to none.The people,the food,and the scenery are just as wonderful as the trapping and I hope to continue my trapping adventures there as long as I am able to.I am blessed to live in Louisiana and trap in New Mexico,I guess you could say I have the best of both worlds.

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