Feb 17

Trapping Radio show #16, Predator Control, coyote eats deer, fawns and turkey. Lessions from the Harrisburg PA Outdoor show and why Trappers need to know how Predators effect Deer, Turkey and Quail

Why trapping and knowing how to trap, kill and catch coyotes are so important in protecting deer, fawns, turkey and quail. Trapping and learning how to snare are a key to wildlife management. 

trapping radio show # 16

This week on Trapping Across America we will look at some lessons Clint learned at the Harrisburg Outdoor Show. It is interesting to talk to 500,000 non-trappers and how they react to our trapping activities.

Then we will build on these lessons and how we as trappers can talk to non-trappers about why we trap. I use predator control for this. If you are talking to a state DNR, land owner and Quality Deer Management member you can explain why trapping is so important to everyone sociality. To do so, you need logic and facts and we go over this game plan today.

Note: Beaver prices look on the rise, so if you can trap some this year, get after them!


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  1. jeff dunlap

    my buddy was out their at the show working for pcs and he met clint.he told ya i was down in louisana trapping and u gave him a shirt for me.thanks alot .he sent it to me and i wore it on the line.very cool

  2. Scott Beebe

    Best explaination of fawn recruitment vs. trapping i have ever heard, and my best friend is Kip Adams (reach director of the QDMA) who speaks on fawn recruitement on a daily basis throughout the country. Clint breaks this down the right way and puts alot of Great points for trapping and getting trapping permission. Great Talk Clint,, keep doing what your doing, we as Hunters and Trappers are Lucky to have you on our Side!!!

  3. Mike

    I really appreciate how you have brought a legitimate level of professionalism to what you do. Being an educated professional person myself, I understand the power of studies and presenting information as a way of changing minds. It’s hard to argue with truly academic studies in your face and a way of verifying them through online media. You really make a person think differently about what it is that we do through trapping. Good job buddy!

  4. Bob

    The introducing is so good

  5. Cat Crippler (Charlie)

    Clint, I have been preaching to anyone that will listen about the California Deer numbers and the reasons why they are so low. Everyone wants to blame only the Mountain Lion on California’s Deer herds all time lows! I honestly believe California shouldn’t even have a Deer season until they get these numbers back under control. California hardly has any form of Predator Control. They banned all trapping with the exception of Cage Traps when Prop 4 passed about 15 years ago. Top that off, the passing of Prop 117, which banned any form of Mountain Lion sport hunting. Not only did the voters, vote to fully protect the Lion, they also voted to contribute over 30 million dollars a year out of the general fund to go towards Lion studies and habitat. California’s form of Predator Control has absolutely decimated the Deer, Quail, Turkey, Chukar, and other game birds existence. With California’s expanding Bear, Predator, Eagle, and Hawk population it has caused the Lion to have to up their kill rate, because when they return to their kills to feed again, its been cleaned up by other Predators looking for an easy meal. The current California studies show that the Mountain Lion’s in Southern California main food source is now Coyotes, Beaver then Deer. The only reason is because they have ran out of Deer. The only Deer you see around here is in someones front yard. The Deer have figured out that their only way to survive is to live right up next to humans. This causes major problems for gardeners and people now having Predators coming right into their yards to make their kills. This puts humans at risk from being attacked. I have found at my house, I cant even own a house cat due to the Land Predators and the Aerial Predators. I lose every barn cat that roams just a few hundred yards into my pastures.Deer wont leave the housing or they wont survive. The water fur bearers have caused a tremendous amount of damage and costs to the California’s budget due to levee damage. This just goes to show what will happen when the unknown gets to vote to shut down Predator Control. California’s only form of managing their Coyote numbers is by Predator Callers and road kill. California is living proof to what happens when Predator Control is left up to the unknown voters, voting through emotional reactions and not scientific proof. California wonders why they are broke and are planning on issuing the stat

    1. Erick

      Great vid guys. I just sartted hunting yotes this year, and my instincts were to set up my stand just liked you mapped. No luck, so I sartted reading and flipped my stands around into the wind, and he in the corn fields, wooded runs it hasn’t worked. Regardless of what all the western pros say. Now, I’m thinking I need to change back, use the wind like you have mapped out in this vid. Can’t wait to get back out and give it a try

  6. Scott Mckelvey

    Great show ! Love those coyote study results .

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