Feb 24

Trapping Radio show #17, How to catch more otter with Bodygrip Traps and Footholds, and becoming a full time Trapper for Fur or ADC

 How to trap,catch more otter with Bodygrip Traps and Footholds, and becoming a full time Trapper for Fur or ADC

trapping radio show # 17

This week on Trapping Across America, we will look into making your trapping dream into a reality, no matter what that means to you. There is no excuses to not do what you want to do in America. If you want something, then do it! Don’t wish, want or dream about, do it.

Then we will look at how to catch more otters with footholds and bodygrips. Anyone can catch a few otter by accident, the goal is to catch them in numbers and on purpose. This is what separates to men from the boys in the otter world.


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  1. Bill

    Are there going to me anymore of these or are you done now?

  2. Bill

    Did you not do a show march2?

    1. admin

      Sorry no, I have been trapping in TX for 7 weeks. I had to drive for cell service, not chance of internet. We will be back on track till next fur season.

  3. Mike

    I like the way you think Clint. I’m a former marine myself and have been in the army and air national guard. I like your planning process. I certainly have a better understanding of how you have become so good at what you do. I appreciate what you are doing for trappers with this website. Thank you!

  4. Bill Kilmartin

    This talk radio episode has changed the way I think about life! I am 26yrs old and I been working in a factory for the past 5 years making bearings for the govt.. no windows chain link fence sitting there dreaming about your job! Time to start making more risk and stop beings unhappy being just content with my job! Thankyou I needed a way to look diff at choices in life!

  5. Todd Campbell

    Clint, you mentioned Ohio is a communist state because of a 3 otter limit. The reason Ohio has a 3 otter limit is because they were wiped out and the ODNR is trying to re-establish them just like they did deer, turkey, beaver, and every other heavily targeted specie. Otter will eventually, repopulate all 88 counties.
    Do you think otter run the bottom edge like mink and muskrats?
    Also could you tell us a little about your family if you and Cindy have children and did you get a military retirement. When I was raising my 2 children I wanted to be home at night and on the weekends to see them. Yes we trapped, hunted, fished, and did just about everthing together. Now that they are adults we still enjoy the outdoors together. To me my priorities is God, family, friends, in the great outdoors.
    On the CDR trap with the big pans do you ever get toe catches and or pullouts because of the pan being so close to the jaws? We enjoy the shows.

    1. admin

      Please understand that I am a liberterian that is right of a crazed drill instructor. I have to deal with state agencies all the time, and I have seen and come to learn that they are not for the people. They see the animals as theirs, the states. They do NOT see the wildlife as the peoples of that state. The laws and restrictions are for the most part to control the people not for the animals or the outdoorsmen paying the bills. I have yet to deal with a state that does not live in the P.C. world and are hand in hand with all the groups and lobbist that want the wildlife to be only seen by the people that trap, hunt and fish. I see most of the rules made by states as a control issue not a wildlife issue. I use the word communist for a reason. Communist are always restricting the people and passing laws to protect the people from themselves. If you look deep into alot of your wildlife laws you will start to see that they are not for wildlife managment, but people control managment. The otter in the state will be fine, todays trappers and the fur market will keep the otter population in the black. Politics is what drives the state laws, not wildlife management. When this changes, so will my view of them. Untill we as Americans quit looking at any government agency to fix or control something we can do on our own, we loose and the animals looses.

      I have no kids.

      So far, the size of the pans do not cause toe catches no matter how close I get to the jaw.

  6. tim landis

    clint – i need advice on trapping coyotes in the ne pennsylvania rocks – way to rocky to dig a dirt hole or pound a disposable stake or dig a decent trap bed for that matter. also what trap to use – as you know we have a 6.5 inch jaw restriction. i am not a beginner – i have caught a few red fox and bobcat and coon etc. – i have not caught a coyote yet. do you think i need personal instruction from someone who knows how to catch coyotes. i have alot of videos from o’gorman and you as well as alot of others but i seem to be missing something.

    thanks clint

    tim landis

    1. admin

      Tim, you will need to bring in dirt and go heavy on the flat set. It sounds like you are working the mountains, the mountains are nice to look at, but hold a low number of coyotes. There is not a lot of prey base for them to live on. I would suggest you try and get on or close to farm land with more under brush.

      Instruction is a time saver, but it is up to you to decide if the cost now is worth the benifit latter. It is always better to learn from someone elses trail’s, miles and mistakes. It is cheaper in the long run.

  7. Gail Keller

    Clint,living in Louisiana,I have have caught a few otters in my trapping career,both in conibear and foothold traps.You made very good points about camouflaging the conibear traps,both on land and in the water,and about blocking down steams for sets with both conibear and foothold traps.The fence trick,with the conibear is a very good idea as well as the double foothold set blocked down in the shallow streams.I can see where both would be very good sets in certain locations on an otter line.One thing I think you failed to stress enough is the use of multiple sets at crossover,toilet,culvert,and channel set locations.I never fail to set at least two or often three traps at these “hot” locations,especially if I have caught otters at these locations before.I also like to set secondary trails at these locations,when one otter is caught,the rest may cross at the secondary trails.I have taken many doubles and even a few triples at these locations on both sides of a crossing or culvert and on the well used primary trail with all the sign and another one on the secondary trail,that is just a few yards away.Footholds on drowners with the larger traps work well in the ideal locations for them,deeper water locations,as do the elevated,baited and lured pocket sets.I really like placing these types of sets around the drains on crawfish or fish ponds,where they flow into a drainage canal or bayou.With the price of otter rising,this is very valuable information,thanks for sharing it.

    1. admin

      Gail, would you like to go into your style of otter trapping on the show. It sounds like you have been at it a while. It would help other trappers and be fun.

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