Apr 11

Trapping Radio show # 18, Q and A on why traps get dug up, skinning knives, chain or cable for conibears, mice problems for Dog Proff traps, Conibear Triggers and different Dam Break sets for Beaver, Clint gets interviewed for a school project,

Why coyote and fox traps get dug up. Chain or cable for body grip traps? Skinning knives for fur handling and ways to fix mice problems with dog proof raccoon traps. body grip/conibear triggers.

trapping radio show # 18

This week on Trapping Across America, Clints get interviewed for a school project in NC. Then we have a Q and A on different subjects from You Tube, e-mails and Wolfer Nation. We will look at why your traps are being dug up. What are some good skinning knives and fleshing knives for handling fur. Which is better for bodygrip traps, cable or chain to tie off with. How to deal and fix the problems with mice stealing your bait from your dog-proff and pet proff traps. What is the best way to bend you conibear triggers for otter. Then what are some different ways to set up for beaver with a dam break set.


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  1. james E jackson

    great show, thanks for coming back

  2. Ryan Watson

    Great to have the show back!

  3. admin

    Glade to be back!

  4. BeaverTrapper

    Great Show! Welcome back. Great info on the dam break sets – thank you!

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