Nov 04

Trapping radio show # 2, Trapping and Snaring lessions from the Fur Boom, and Marks “King” fox and coyote set

Trapping and Snaring lessions from the Fur Boom, and Marks “King” fox and coyote set

Trapping Radio show # 2, trapping across America


This week on Trapping Across America we have a show talking about the pursuit of Fur.

First off we give you some interesting facts that the Human Society does not want you or their members to know about. It is up to us as trappers to be able to explain with facts that the Human Society is misleading the weak-minded trusting public.

We have a great interview with Mark Kohler from Ohio. He will help us understand what it was like when the fur boom started getting heated up. He found ways to keep catching piles of fur, when the competition was struggling with trappers behind every bush and rock. If prices keep creeping up, we might all need this information to deal with more trappers in the field. Then we get into coyote and fox trapping. Mark talks about the “king” fox and coyote set, that he used to keep catching fur when his competition started struggling with higher trapping pressure.

Next we will talk to Duane Fronek in Wisconsin about a project that he performed for Trout Unlimited. Beaver were the cause of the trout not being able to reproduce like they should. 

At the end of the show, I cover the advantages of the expanded trap pans.  I have been using them for a few years and they are a game changer too catching more fur.

If you can expand on the topics on the show, feel free to add them to the comment section, thanks.


  1. Barry Holland

    Great Show. I don’t believe anything like this has ever existed before. I put this show right up there with Armed American Radio, Gun Talk, Dennis Prager, Michael Savage, and Mark Levin. I love it!

  2. michael stevens

    great show, pre baiting is really going good for me at the moment, seeing and learning alot from the tracks at these spots. cant wait to plant the iron and reap the harvest.

  3. Dave LeBleu

    Howdy form Centerville,Texas, nice show,very informational, Keep it Coming!!!

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