Apr 20

Trapping Radio show # 20, An interview with Norm Blackwell from GA. He is a fur trapper, Animal Damage Control trapper,has worked the live coyote and fox market and was an instructor at our Texas Predator School this year. We also go into a snaring set that he used under the ice trapping beaver in MI.

How to trap and catch coyotes and fox for live market. Norm goes into being a fur trapper. Under Ice beaver trapping. Animal damage control trapping, urban raccoon control.

trapping radio show # 20

This week on Trapping Across America we interview Norm Blackwell from N&J Trapping. He is an interesting guy that has lived the life of a pro outdoorsman. He has commercial fished and been a turtle man. He started out in Michigan and now applies his trade in North GA. We run the gambit on this interview from urban control trapping, trapping beaver and rats under the ice. We also venture into the live market to illegal aliens in TX. He explains what his batter was on the bobcat meat we ate in Texas. Norm was an instructor this year at our Texas Predator School. A lot of good info in this show along with Clint and Norm cutting up as friends will do.


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  1. Eric Chip Ayers

    Yes I would be glad to talk with you or anyone else.

    1. admin

      I would like to interview you on the subject. I have looked into this years ago. Once i got to details and the money you had to pay the host company I was shocked. Talk about draining the profit from a company.
      You can e-mail me at clint@wolfernation.com with your phone info and when you would be free to talk a few moments.
      I’m not looking to slam a cetain company, but would like to talk about the promises made and the reality of signing up for a francise. This would be great and interesting from someone who has went through the program.

      1. Eric Chip Ayers

        I tried calling you today Clint.You have my contact info. We can work something out between our schedules.

      2. Eric Chip Ayers

        I tried calling you today Clint.You have my contact info. We can work something out between our schedules.

        1. admin

          I did not know you called. To be honest, I don’t turn on or look at the business phone on the weekend. If i want to spend anytime with my wife this is just the way it is.
          I looked at my phone this morning and will call you during the day.

  2. Eric Chip Ayers

    I agree from personal experience with the stay AWAY from the big franchises. I have lost thousands of dollars with their gauranteed agenda . I am sure others will chime in about how great they are doing and good for them,I still consider myself friends/ family with the ones that I worked with and mean no harm to them or the company. It just didnt work and the smoke they try to blow up your ass to join up is just that.How many remember talking to a recruiter and finding out this job has the same mos number???

    1. admin

      Would you be willing to talk about the hype and leave out your friends company. I think this would help a lot of guys that are on the fence about signing up.

  3. jeff dunlap

    great job norm. around m65 us23 this year the competition was fierce in those ditchez for rats.you didnt miss nothing there this year.probably will be a blood bath nov 1

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