Apr 27

Trapping radio Show # 21, Clint covers a Q&A from his You Tube channel and explains the PCG man challenge. The questions cover topics: How not to get toe catches, getting started in trapping to going pro, Trapping in Alaska, Once you miss a bobcat, Trap sizes for different animals, trapping in the woods with roots, what is the best trap brands and more.

How to trap and catch a coyote with fewer toe-catches. Trapping in Alaska. Becoming a professional trapper. What is the best trap size for coyotes, bobcats and fox.

trapping Radio show # 21

This week on Trapping Across America Clint will have look at some questions he has been asked from his Wolfer Nation You Tube Channel. This shows goes all over the board with these questions. Some of the topics we will cover are : Trapping in Alaska, How not to get toe catches on Bobcats and other animals, night latching traps, How much money can you make from trapping, Getting started in trapping to going pro, Once you miss a bobcat, trap sizes for different animals, what is the best trap brands, who and what to listen to as you get into trapping and more.

Also Clint will explain the Predator Control Group Man Challenge that will happen at the PA, OH, FTA and the NTA conventions this year. Are you man enough? Will you get the reward?

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    Hey , CLINT , I had a GOOD laugh about your Bait Making joke. Believe or Not I have Neighbors that are nosey , and one Winter I cracked the Lid of a Lure I was Making and it called the People out of the house, there was a shed on there property that blocked them from seeing me right away, And the lady and man said the exact same Words that you said. LOL So I slid the lid back on and slid back inside . LOL

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