May 04

Trapping Radio Show # 22, The start of the topic of state hopping and taking that trapping adventure. Why are you going? What are you planning to trap and why? Where will you stay? What are the trapping and snaring laws? Also Clint explains the new format on the Free Video Mag at Wolfer Nation.

Coyote trapping in another state, plus how to trap bobcats, beaver, raccoons, otter and muskrats on the road. How to snare, knowing the state trapping laws. Planning an out-of-state trap line.

Trapping radio show # 22

This week on Trapping Across America Clint will start on the topic of out-of-state trapping and long lining. State hoping is a must for every trapper to try once if not once a year. It does the trappers soul well.

Today we will look at which trip you are taking, fun or money inspired. Where will you stay once you get there. What is the animal populations and fur quality in you new trapping destination. What are the laws to find out about and understand. Which states allow you to take the most amount of fur in the shortest amount of time. You need to do research, but more importantly, take the trapping trip.

We will also explain why and what the new format is about on the WOLFER NATION VIDEO MAG. It has drastically changed for the better. You can now search different animal at the click of the mouse. It is also easy to leave comments or ask questions. We will also have a News Page, that is news for the modern trapper. This is not any news you will find in Trapper Predator Caller, Trappers Post, Trappers world or Fur-Fish-Game. This is news that trappers will find interesting and pertains to trappers today. The new format will allow us to add more trapper content than ever before. The difference that separates us from the other trapping mags, our information is still for free, but expensive in experience.

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  1. Chris Love

    Absolutely LOVE this new format. The amount of videos and information avaiilable is great. I now have more content to keep me up at night and to distract me from my job. WolferNation/Trapping Radio continues fueling my passion for trapping and predator management, THANKS for all you do and the information you provide.

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