Nov 11

Trapping Radio show #3, Trapping and Catching Otter with Bodygrips, Snares, Footholds and using a GPS

Trapping and Catching Otter with Bodygrips, Snares, Footholds and using a GPS

Trapping Radio, show #3


This week on TRAPPING ACROSS AMERICA we have Joey Vandyke talking otter trapping and how he uses his GPS on his trap line.  Otter prices are up this year, Joey takes over a 100 otter a year and he was nice enough to share his methods with us.

Clint Locklear will be looking at the pro’s and con’s of coil spring and long spring traps. Every trapper should have his reasons for using a particular trap.

We also have some info that PETA hopes the public does not find out about.

Lastly we will cover a little bit about the Texas Predator School.

Enjoy the show, and help us spread the word about Trapping Across America!


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  1. Michael Campbell

    Joey Van Dyke has really got it going on. Great show and great videos. I like the advantage of the longspring to have bigger pans.

  2. Sean M


    Check out this slow-mo video of coilspring versus longsprings closing. What do you think? The coilspring clearly out performs.

    1. admin

      I think you forgot a link of something. I don’t see how to get to a video.

      1. Sean M

        hmm…on my screen it shows right up. try this:

        1. Sean M

          The coilspring out performs the longspring, but I wonder, does it matter?

    2. admin

      I agree the coil spring is faster, but the 26% does not really matter. One the large longspring (#5 is a really slow trap).

      The speed of the trap unless super slow, does not mean much in the woods. Animals do not or can not seem to pull back from fireing trap, the way we think they do. The old wolfers caught 100,000′s of coyotes in old tired #3 N victor longsprings. To me the other advantages of the longspring togather, are the reasons I use more longsprings today.
      The KB 5.5 trap, is a slow coil spring trap by most standards, but you get the best paw catches of any trap I have seen over the years.

      The real test of a trap is what happens in the woods.

      1. sean m

        Thought u might find it interesting. What we really need to know then are the reaction times of a coyote. Just because those wolfers caught a bunch yotes with slow traps doesnt mean they couldnt have caught evenmore with faster ones. So, that it not really an argument. The anecdotal KB observation is the start of a good arguement though, i agree with u on that.

        Btw, u talk a lot about large coilsprings leading to less damage on the leg or paw. What about the KBs? I hear they are THE friendliest trap onthe paw out there. Any thoughts?

        Thankks for your time.

        1. admin

          The bigger traps do seem to cause less damage, I think it has to do with the slower jaws, power to not let the paw move and the weight of the trap wears down the animal, so less fighting.

          The KB’s that has lamination causes very little damage. It is also a heavy trap for it’s size.

          I personally think a fast trap is over rated myself. But that does not mean I am wrong on this subject. Most guys that go to longsprings always bring up this subject, that is untill they see the results of them in the woods.

  3. Steve Brown

    Great show guys!!

  4. David Buchanan

    Clint you hit the nail on the head with the longsprings and coil springs i love them
    both but in the woods here in east tenn. the longspring beds like a champ but all
    the victors and b&l don’t have the pan tension so i don’t use them in the woods just
    the water but the one with the nut and bolt gets the land fur . Joey is wide open over
    in nc. , a dam good show and thank you for all the help that you are giving .
    Thanks Again Dave

  5. Beavertrapper

    Great show!

    I really enjoyed the longspring vs coilspring discussion. I had never really considered the physics between the two and how they actually hold a catch.

    I knew there’s a reason I like my Bridger #5′s :)

  6. Duane

    Great show!

  7. bob brennan

    another great show clint, you do a good job keeping it interesting! thankyou for the information you get out there bob brennan

  8. Shane Sherwood

    Just want to say thanks for always giving back to average trappers like myself. Trapping radio is a great thing! Due to your original ideas and continuing to go off the beatin path is why i look at you as a mentor and a icon in the trapping industry! Thanks again Clint and PCG!

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