Jul 20

Trapping Radio Show # 32, How to Snare. This is an interview with Trapper X. We will cover how to snare more animals, trap bobcats, coyotes and fox. This is a fun show with a trapper that has been at it for decades, great raccoon hunting and trapping tales.

How to snare, learn from an older trapper that has snared more than his share of Bobcats, Red Fox and Coyotes. Back “in the day”, trappers had to sneak around to find out how other trappers trapped animals. Snaring is a efficient way to catch animals, once you understand the target fur animals habits.

trapping radio show # 32

This week on Trapping Across America we will be talking to Trapper X. Trapper X is a continuation from the Predator Control Group’s publication, Long Liner Times. In case you don’t know what this is, I will explain. Trapper X, for a number of reasons does not want to be known for the interview or article. Don’t ask who it is, we will NOT tell you. There will be no hints and NO exceptions. Trapper X is not an individual, it is a mask to cover folks that for what ever reason, do not want or need to be known.

Trapper X will be going over snaring (Looping) for coyotes, bobcats and fox. Trapper X is old school and has decades of trapping experience to share. We also talk about how to catch more coyotes, fox and bobcats with foothold traps. You will enjoy the trapping and raccoon hunting stories. He is a story-teller and a trapper that knows the game of trapping.

The National Trapping Convention is coming up, Predator Control Group hopes to see you there. I think this will be a big and fun show.

Predator Control Group product of the week. If you are into making lure and bait or spiking your urine, you can count on the quality of Predator Control Groups Asafoetida. Ours is from top-notch asafoetida gum, not weaker rice powder. Rice powder not only is weak, but it does not get the chemical reaction that you are looking for in the animal. Ours is so strong that some of the gum will fall out of oil and settle in the bottom of the jar. We do not cut the snot out of the gum for volume, ours is so un-cut, it will not totally stay suspended in solution. The oil can only hold so much gum, and we push the limit on how strong we can get you this important product.

Asafoetida is a great add to lures and baits for coyotes, bobcats, raccoon and fox. Some say that the odor mimics the sex of the animals. I do know that animals like it. Asafoetida is also a great ingredient to add to urine and gland lures. If you use our’s, be carefull and don’t add to much or it will over take the urine smell. This is not your goal, you just want to be able to smell it as an under tone.  

What is the biggest lesson you learned from snaring animals?, please leave comment below.


  1. Anthony

    Great show!! I would like to hear more from this gentleman. I love listening to old school trappers who just say it how it is.

  2. Todd Campbell

    I gues when the dynamite blew you would know who the thief was. I am glad trappers are not so tight lipped about good methods anymore. With all the videos and instructors out there there are few reasons why the inexperianced trappers don’t have good trapping knowledge. We all learn off someone. I take a lot of pleasure in showing young people how to trap.Thank you Clint for this website. We are all grateful for the tremendous effort you have put into this website.

  3. Bud Stroup

    Time seems to fly when listening to good fokes. Great show!

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