Aug 31

Trapping Radio Show # 38, Learn how Paul traps 700-900 raccoons, 100-140 coyotes and 300-450 muskrats in a trapping season.

How to trap 700-900 raccoons with dog proof traps.  100 plus coyotes with dirt holes sets, while coyote trapping in Missouri. Plus how to trap 300-450 muskrats.

Trapping radio # 38



This week on Trapping Across America we will ne interviewing Paul Lane from the great state of MO. I love these interviews, because Paul has nothing to sell, but wants to help trappers with his trapping methods. There are a lot of trappers out there that do not have a national name in the trapping industry, Somehow I think his competition DOES know his name. We are covering raccoon, coyotes, bobcats and muskrat trapping.

Our sponsor is Okie Cable & Trap Supply. Jeb is the man you will deal with and you will find that he will take good care of you and make sure you get the supplies you need. If you need traps, snare cable or trapping supplies, he has you covered.

PREDATOR CONTROL GROUP product of the week is Otter’ly Simple. Clint Locklear and Newt Sterling hammers otter after otter on the trap line. We cover body grip trapping, foot hold trapping and how to snare otter. The video is filmed in 3 different states. The otter locations that we cover include coastal marshes, mountain streams, mud creeks, beaver flows, rivers, ponds and lakes. Learn to trap otter on purpose and not by accident.

I have up a great article on How to Trap Coyotes.com about the results of several USDA studies on using coyote urine and post style trap sets for coyote trapping. If you’re using a lot of urine post sets, you might want to check it out.

Predator Control Group hopes to you at the Ohio Trapping Convention next weekend.


  1. trapperlane

    thanks guys if have any questions pm me on here go by trapperlane

  2. Ken A.

    Great Show !!! Show’s the True Meat and Potatoes of Trapping. There are alot of Trapper’s out there that are good Trapper’s ,some better than the one’s putting books and video’s on the market. Good Go Paul.

  3. Beavertrapper

    That was a GREAT interview. If Paul ever makes a video – I’ll definitely buy it. I learned a lot from him. I really appreciate you interviewing these guys at the convention. This is a wealth of knowledge that will be preserved for all.

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