Sep 07

Trapping Radio Show # 39. How to trap and catch mink with body grip traps, mink trapping locations and the Trap Master dog proof trap. An interview with Nick Bowers from Ohio.

How to trap and catch mink with body grip traps, mink trapping locations and the Trap Master dog proof trap. An interview with Nick Bowers from Ohio


Trapping radio show 39

This Week on Trapping Across America, we have Nick Bowers from Ohio. This is a great interview from a trapper that has been around the trapping block a few times. Most of tonight’s show is about Mink trapping, plus there is a lot of great trapper talk from Nick through out the show. We also talk a little bit at the end of the show about dog proof traps and raccoons. Nick uses the Trap Master DP. This interview was done while we were both at the National Trappers Convention in MN. Today, we are both at the Ohio Trappers convention as you listen to the show.

Our sponsor this week is Okie Cable and Trap Supply from Oklahoma. If you are looking for trapping supplies, look up Jeb on the web or at one of the conventions he will be attending this fall. Jeb not also sell traps, but he is an old long liner to boot. He knows what you need to be successful on your own trap line.

PREDATOR CONTROL GROUP’s product of the week is Primal Paste Bait. I have been using this coyote, bobcat and fox bait for 14 years. It has caught me fur in 18 different states. This is not your normal loud rank predator bait, but a milder bait that is loaded with musks and oils. Primal Paste Bait has a singular mission, it keeps predators at your dirt hole set or flat set for the maximum amount of time and it does its job very well.

Next week’s show may or may not be a few days late. I have the Ohio trapping convention, spending a day of so with F&T Fur Harvestors and then give a few gentlemen personal instruction in IN. This is a busy time of the year, and I’m not sure if I will get back in time to post another show on Friday or not. I will get the next show up as soon as I can.



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    Love to trap

  2. Joey Rudick

    Yall say everyone stops and listens when Mr Best speaks that might be the case but if anyone doesnt stop and listen when Nick Bower speaks your missing out! I think the world of him he has helped me in more ways the one in the art of coon and mink trapping trap on my freinds!!

    1. admin


  3. Todd Campbell

    great show with Nick Bowers, very right on tactics for mink. Letting the animal telling you where to put the trap is a good thing. Using circle triggers for mink in strong killing 110 or 120 conibears is good. Also using baited pocket sets with a 1 1/2 coil is preferred. Great show. we need to teach the younger generations and pass it on.

  4. Ken A.

    GREAT show, Nick Bowers , is a Good Old Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Imakecoonlaugh!

    (To: Trap Master Locklear)This was one great show as always, I like the fact that you don’t mind hearing other people’s opinions with an open mind. I also like the way you trap, and hope to one day be as efficient and productive. Keep chasing those good interviews down!

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