Sep 27

Trapping Radio Show #41, Raccoon trapping with dog proof trap, the Ztraps, Plus what it takes to patent trapper products

 Raccoon trapping with dog proof traps, the Ztraps, what it takes to patent trapper products

trapper radio # 41


This week on Trapping Across America we are interviewing Neal the owner of the Z Traps. A push pull-push trigger dog proof trap. We will  talk raccoon trapping with Neal, mice problem and solutions, golf ball and eggs to catch you more raccoon this season. Then we get into what it takes to patent a trapping product. There are two types, what they cost and how long does it take to get a patent from the government. What would happen to a person that infringed on another’s patent. The last topic may cause some folks blood pressure to rise. Why are most traps today made over seas, from a companies perspective.

Our sponsor this week is Okie Cable and Trap Supply. If you need some trapping supplies this fall, Jeb is the owner of Okie Cable and Trap Supplies. Tell him what you are looking for and he will get your trapping supplies right out to you with a great price to boot.

Predator Control Groups product of the week is Otter’ly Simple. This is an entertaining training guide for trapping otters in high numbers. Newt Sterling and Clint Locklear cover three states and show all kinds of locations and habits to trap more otter. Some guys catch some otter while beaver trapping, but targeting otter on purpose is a whole different matter. Otter are going to bring very good money this winter, make sure you have the skills to get your share of the fur.

Predator Control Group will be at the North Carolina convention this weekend. If you can make it, make sure and drop by our tables and say, Hi. NC is always a fun show with a lot of good demos to learn from. Plus the Trapperman dinner is always top-notch at the show. Hope to see you there.


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  1. daniel carlson

    Great show wish would of listened to it before I went and bought 1000 styrofoam cups. I will try the egg idea and I always made a plug for the duke dp’s a piece of dowel with a large pogo anchor on top with a eye screw thru it. This way i only have to use one finger to set them and keeps the bait from coming out if prebaited so now some I drilled couple holes in them and will leave them in it after set. I average about 15 mice a day last season, what a pain. Looking to try th alcatraz but no one had any and after listening to the show I purchased 9 dozen of the ztraps. One week till season and ztraps with lil griz bait, and coon crack with an egg on top. Can’t wait. This combo is making me hungry.

  2. Ken A.

    Very Good Show!!!!!!

  3. Jerry Earley

    hey to that part about fire ants try blackstrap molasses not sure if it will work but it is an organic alt to get them out of your lawn and from what i have read is very affective so just mix a little bit with your bait im sure the coons wont mind a bit and after u try if it works or not let the world know….good trapping!

    1. admin

      Will give it a try, thanks

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