Dec 07

Trapping Radio show #50, Bobcat flag and bobcat trap set, Otter trapping with Bud Jenkins

Trapping Radio show #50, Bobcat flag and bobcat trap set, Otter trapping with Bud Jenkins

trapping radio # 50, otter trapping

This week on Trapping Across America we are interviewing Bud Jenkins from VA. Bud is known as one of the best otter men in the country. He started trapping muskrats on the marsh as a kid. Then he started trapping otter when the price shot to $100 and more. Buds trap of choice is the 330 body grip trap. If you listen to him and put his way of otter trapping to the test, you will up your otter catch.

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  1. Todd Campbell

    Did Bud say if he used conibear holders of anykind for his 330′s??? He said he liked to keep the animal hidden.

    1. admin

      I think he uses sticks to support the trap. 330 kills animal, so its not moving and bouncing in front of people.

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