Dec 16

Trapping Radio show # 8, How to trap and catch Grey Fox in Snares, Traps and Cages. Grey fox trapping

How to trap and catch Grey Fox in Snares, Traps and Cages. Grey fox trapping

trapping radio show # 8

This week on Trapping Across America we have an action packed show.

On The Beginners Corner beavertrapper covers what new trappers need to avoid.

We have a great interview with Joey Vandyke from the cost of NC. He gives some down and dirty tips on catching more grey fox with footholds, snares and cage traps. Joey also goes into fur trapping and live market trapping.

Clint Locklear explains about search engine methods for a local Animal Damage Control operations web site. If your web site is not getting you the right kind of traffic from your customers, it is a waste or time and money. The he goes on a rant about our crazy government and why non of it makes any sence.

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  1. Bud Stroup

    Great show! Joey got me thinking about my cage line, and after looking at my log book, I was having misses with just a thin cover of leaves on the floor but where I didn’t have leaves and had to use dirt to cover the floor I had fox. Can’t wait to try his PVC trick. I will modify my tredals also. Thanks again for another great topic. A good dvd on cage trapping is Tracy Truman and Jeff Yancy ‘s (Cage Trappping Bobcats & Grey Fox.)

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