May 17

New trapping radio will be up soon for this week.

This week on Trapping radio, I have a show on the coming competition  due to fur prices and how to make sure you plan and have plenty of ground to trap next fall. The more ground you have to set traps on, the more money and fur numbers you are set up to make. This is a needed show for new trappers and older trappers as well.

I am having some server issues for some reason today as I try to upload the file to server. Not sure if its internet problem of something else. I am working on it and will have show up as soon as the whole file will load correctly. I hope it is tonight and sunday or monday at the very latest. Keep checking back to listen to this weeks show it is a good one.



Clint Locklear



  1. Chris Carlson

    Clint- I’ve got the shakes again waiting for the new show I have listened to ALL of the other ones at least 3 times each. Thanks for the good work- Chris

  2. Aden

    Can’t wait

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