Aug 09

Trapping Radio – 75 – Mark Steck from Dakota Line is with us tonight. Talking coyote road trapping, mink trapping and more..

Trapping Radio – 75 – Mark Steck from Dakota Line is with us tonight. Talking coyote road trapping, mink trapping and more..

trapper radio podcast 75

trapping radio podcast

This week on Trapping Across American we are interviewing Mark Steck from Dakota Lines. He has a very interesting trapping story to tell about his trapping in South Dakota. He has a neat mindset about keeping trapping simple. We get into road trapping coyotes in SD, Raccoon trapping and chasing mink in the creeks. You can check out his stuff out at Dakota Lines.

mark steck trapping radio

I also set the record strait with the a rumor that was started using my name about using the new Wolf Creek Products Dog Proof trap.

Our sponsors this week are as follows:

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Jeb from Okie has a deal for Trapping Radio listeners only. If you tell him you are a Trapping Radio listener you will get five dollars of every dozen of Z Trap dog proof traps you get from him. This deal is for the NTA and all orders for the month of August 2013. He will also have the new Freedom Brand Dog Proof Traps at the NTA.

New Sponsor! Wildlife Control Supplies, Proven Solutions for Wildlife control! If you are in the ADC business or are thinking about it, WCS is a company that has what you are looking for and a proven dependable company to work with. Check them out at Wildlife Control Supplies

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New sponsor! Blue Ridge Outdoor Supplies, they have fast, friendly service and enjoy talking with trappers. See what they have to offer at http://www.blueridgeoutdoorsupplies.com/catalog/

Blue Ridge is running a special for Trapping Radio listeners only at conventions or pick up orders.  Duke 1 1/2 Coil Spring traps for $50.00 Dozen, 1 Gallon of my Mountain Rebel Lures Fox urine $20.00. Don’t miss out!

Enjoyed seeing everyone at the NTA. I hope to see you at NC, WV, KY or at Blue Ridge Outdoor Supplies this fall.

Host Clint Locklear

Host Clint Locklear


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  1. kk

    Hello, my name is Kelly, I dont want to bother you but is there anyway a person can fast forward the radio show to move the cursor farther or back in order to catch the show better, so that one can study a certain part of the show without having to listen to the whole show again from the begining? ottercat@bresnan.net

    1. admin

      Let the podcast run for a few moments. Then take mouse and place on the slide bar when you want it to play. It takes a moment to buffer into your computer

      1. Kress

        Haven’t found a way to fast forward while listening from a phone (iPhone)…At times it stops and to get back I have to listen to whole podcast again.. Suggestions?


        1. STEVE MEISTER

          same thing here

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