Aug 30

Trapping Radio – 78 – The true secretes to trapping, pure Cajun wisdom. interview with Ryan Schaefer

The true secretes to trapping, pure Cajun wisdom. interview with Ryan Schaefer


trapping radio podcast 78

trapping radio podcast

This Week on Trapping Across America, we have a hot source coated treat for you. Ryan Schaefer is back and entertaining as ever. We catch up on what he has been up to over the last year in Louisiana trapping, mink, otter, beaver and raccoon. One change is he is now an officer for the Louisiana Trappers & Alligator Hunters Association. What Ryan goes into tonight is some of the best advice any trapper can listen too. Is it a secrete what Ryan covers? It should not be but is for the most part. If you just got started trapping or have been trapping for decades, you should really listen to this interview and take what you hear to heart!

trapping radio podcast

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host Clint Locklear

host Clint Locklear


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  1. The Meat Trapper

    I’m a little late catching up but I have to agree others – this was the single most informative and important interview I’ve ever heard. There is more down to earth, common sense wisdom in this show than you can imagine. I really appreciate Clint taking the time to do these shows, and people like Ryan taking the time to share their knowledge.

    Both of you gentlemen need to realize that your are building an archive of priceless information for future generations. Just think what an interview with a mountain man fur trapper from the 1830′s would be worth?

    Hey Ryan – you really should launch a website or YouTube channel and use it to market personal instruction. I think a lot of people would pay to spend a day or two soaking up your methods like a sponge. I know I would.

  2. Dustin Drews

    The end of this radio show with catching fur in blind sets was 100% what I experienced last year on my line.
    All the talk of DP’s, Dirt holes and flat sets and so on I was overtaken by them. I could find where the animals were traveling with no problems. The problem was they were not hungry! I switched over to the bind sets and snares and my eyes were opened!
    I recommend listening to this show at least 10 times until it sinks in to your head.
    I agree this show has more info in it that I will never get used because it is to simple!
    Thanks Clint and the Cajun,
    God Bless,

  3. jeff dunlap

    I was a member of ltaha but my membership had lapsed.Three years ago when I joined tony Howard sent me a nice black knife.I 100% Agree with Ryan if u go out of state join there assoc.and Ryan u owe me a day on ur line.I’ve yet to see a crawfish pond but in full disclosure I have consumed quit a few.

    1. Ryan S Schaefer

      Youre always welcome! I’ll even throw in all the boiled crawfish you can eat!!

  4. Chris Carlson

    This is the BEST interview/show yet !!!

  5. Dave Kimball

    Probably the best interview I’ve heard. Thanks a lot.

  6. sa

    Ryan should try to get Swamp People and Duck Commander to promote their association. The Duck Commanders looked like they had alot of trouble with beaver. This might help them get their membership up!

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