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If your are looking for trapping dvd’s, Books or Lure from Predator Control Group, that is made from Clint Locklear himself. Click hereĀ

Inside of the store you will find professional made lures and animal scents. If you are looking for a serious coyote bait or lure we have you covered. Predator Control group has developed these lures for their own predator control trapping. The quality is proven with our high catches every year. Our beaver lure is the standard in the trapping industry. Fur and control trappers rely on them to catch beaver quick and consistently. Otter are hard to lure, but our Otter Call is top notch and really works. Our re-orders on Otter Call proves this point. With the way pet prof and dog prof traps are becoming standard, our Coon Crush, Coon Crack and Monster Grizz Bait are the logical choice you can count on. Our Raccoon scents and baits are the reason we are a trusted nest predator control company for land owners that are growing quail, turkey and big deer with Quality Deer Management using game feeders.

Our video’s are instruction based video’s that teach you how to trap and kill coyotes, bobcats, beaver, fox, raccoon and muskrats. Not only do we teach you to trap, we teach you how to perform predator control, beaver control and make good money trapping. Our prices a very cheap for the quality information you will find in them.

Eastern Wolfer, Beaver Blitzkrieg and Mindset of a Professional are training books that are real books, not 3-4 trapping articles and a bunch of pic’s. Eastern Wolfer will get you into the mindset of high per square mile catch on coyotes. This is a missing mindset in most coyote trapping infomation. Beaver Blitzkrieg is a book the will open fast paced beaver trapping to you. Mind Set of a Professional is a book that takes trapping into what it takes to become a professional trapper. We do not recommend you read this book before bed, very motivational.


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  1. PT Smith.

    How to trap otter with body grip traps and foothold traps, with Claudie Taylor.
    I’ve looked for this video and had NO luck, could u please help.
    Tks. Phil

  2. nathan Winterowd

    Hey I would like to get a patch from you.

  3. Trapper Johnny

    Please go to my page, give me a ‘like’ and e mail me your address. I’ll send you a few of my trademarked trapper patches, that you see in the picture, free of charge. I like to share my artwork with people who are helping to keep a dying breed AND tradition alive. Thank you, Trapper Johnny

    1. Hosen

      It’s all slaucpetion at this time. You might want to get a report from one of our fur buyers, which can be found on the Fur Buyers Page of this website.Thank you.

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