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Coon Crack a lure for the next generation of Coon Trapper, Posted by Darren C. on PCG store, 9th Oct 2011

When my 6 year old son was ask what he wanted for his birthday this year, Drake replied he wanted to become a trapper. After putting some thought in his gift, I decided Drake could start trapping just as I did with coons in cages. So I purchased Drake his first live trap and his grandmother purchased a $25.00 gift card from PCG to be used at the 2011 NTA convention. Once at the convention Drake wanted to go straight to Clint’s booth and use his card. After Clint went through his selection of coon lures/baits with Drake he decided on Coon Crack and River Raider.

Once back home Drake and myself done a ADC job for a local fast food restaurant with a coon problem. I took Drake to the dumpster area of the restaurant and he sat two of his live traps and placed marshmallows with a squirt of coon crack in the back of each trap and placed a marshmallow covered in coon crack in front of each live trap. On our first check of the traps, Drake live traps each held a coon. To say I was proud is an under statement. I was also very impressed with (PCG Coon Crack)catching coon isn’t that hard but to take a double on coon next to a trash dumpster with tons of cheese burgers, cookies and candy, cooking grease,old ice cream, and fruit inside says a lot about Clint’s lure making ability’s. Since that day I started using coon crack at my coon corn draw stations with my game camera and the coon don’t start eating the corn until they gets every last drop of coon crack picked up first.


Monster Grizz Bait, Its the bomb!!  by Joey R. S.C.

 I must say clint has out done his self with monster grizz bait!In my first season it has helped me catch over 105 coon my rookie season!Thanks clint!I will be getting more soon!Need a gallon of it!


Lure and Bait Making, tips, tricks and methods (DVD)

 Bought Clint’s Lure Making video. I have read and saw just about every book and video out there on lure making and Clint’s is a good one. It used to be that most of the videos out there were pretty good…but not anymore. Lots of mediocre to poor videos out there of late IMO. Clint’s video will not make you an expert lure maker but it is well worth the money. Lots of little tricks and hints that will keep you from ruining your ingredients and wasting money.

I am no expert lure maker but have some experience. I agree with a lot of Clints options but learned some new stuff too.Thanks Clint for putting out something with substance!      Coonduke, from Wolfer Nation

Best lure/bait making video on the marketI have most every book/video on the subject. Clint’s is far above any other I’ve seen. If your interested in lure/bait making this video is a must have. By Cav on Wolfer Nation









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  1. daniel jacob carlson

    After over 30 plus years of trapping I have read alot of books and articles and of all of them I would have to say O’Gorman was the king of the trappers. Now my opinion has changed some and say he is co-king of trappers with Clint. I can tell after seeing your first video that your a true professional and that you truly believe to be successful is to make other successful. Thanks to your lure bait making video I came up with a dp bait that works all season thru rain and snow. Now in the first of the season I had tremendous luck with mixing 1 pint of monster griz bait with two pints of coon crush and a cup of mini marshmellows. I then bait the traps and grap a couple of the marshmellow and put one on the lip and the other on the ground and then use your coon crack and put on both and run some inside the trap. this worked excellent for me.

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