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Why Trapping is so Good for Kids Today

Before I get started into this topic, let me be clear, I do not have kids. So my observations come from the outside looking in. I do think that since I do not have children, I can look around at the class of kids we seem to have today with honesty. Now before a dad or mom starts screaming at the computer, I have seen a lot of children that are brought up in the way of a work ethic and are not a card-carrying member of the entitlement crowd. Most rational parents will agree with the last statement. I am also not picking on a individual kid.

So, once that is out of the way. Why is trapping so good for a kid in our “modern” times? Basically it is a stark contrast to the “every kid gets a trophy” mentality that has taken over in our country. Once a kid gets this non-sence in their head, they are in for a rough life. I personally think this concept comes from throw back hippies that have been dreaming of a socialist utopia where everyone is the same, gets the same and “time spent” or “trying hard” is the same as “performance” on a task. In the bubble of education this may work, but not in real life. In the real world performance counts, participating does not. Why are people surprised that the younger class, is so upset with having to pay back college loans. Can we be surprised when the job they get or want to get, slaps them square across their teeth, when their boss does not think they are “special”. This is the first time in their life that they don’t get a promotion when someone else does. How do you think they feel about someone else getting a bonus because his sales were higher, and they don’t. Business owners will tell you this is a major problem with our younger work force today. Young people do not want to work up from the bottom rungs of the business. They scoff at taking a low paying job, they “deserve” better. Another common thing a company has to work around is that once a young person works somewhere for a few days or weeks, they demand a raise and a title. Just look at the Occupy Wall-Street protests that are raging all across America. The biggest reasons they are doing this: They can’t belive that they have to pay back their college loans, someone else should. They want “richer” people to pay more because the rich have more than they do, and it’s not fair. They are screaming about low paying jobs after college. Just think about that for a second. They think they deserve a high paying salary because they paid money to go to the university for four years. Most of these graduates pick degrees in things that they do not need a degree to succeed in like, to play music, paint paintings, strange philosophy degrees and basically basket weaving. Since they borrowed the money, dated and partied hard and participated for years, they deserve their trophies. If they don’t get their trophy, they are confused, hurt and angry. Kids that are taught this feel good, limp wristed brainwashing are being set up for failure in the real world. We are getting what we raise, thin skinned entitlement babies.

Trapping on the other hand is great for a kid or young man to participate in. This is simple, you work hard you get rewarded. You sleep in, you don’t catch fur to sell. You don’t check your traps the fur will spoil and you will not get rewarded. Trapping will teach a young’n that sweat will not kill him or her. Sure the wind and rain is cold, but working is not always in nice warm controlled environment. Another lesson is that sometimes we work hard and things are out of control, and no one is to blame. You can work hard and the prices can drop and you not make as much money that was being dreamed about and planned for. These are life lessons that a teacher can not teach about very well in a classroom.  Going out and participating in trapping, does not catch a lot of fur. Our industry does not have socialistic profit-sharing program to make sure every trappers makes the same income. No production, no trophy, period!.

I know most trappers don’t get their kids into trapping for the money side of trapping, but the income lessons for a kid can be a massive jump-start to personal responsiblity. It can also slow down the landscape of the “everyone get a trophy’ generation.

You may not think a $12.00 raccoon is not much money or that 15 of them or nothing to brag about,  but your kid will see the pattern between work and money. Help them out, but don’t let them sit back and watch, sleep in or think that what you catch is theirs. Teach them about the real world and trapping is a great lesson plan.

Do you agree or disagree? please explain in comments.


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  1. Spini Boys

    Your right on about the entitlement crowd. Makes me sick to see these kids and young folks act like that. I have been trapping with my youngest son since he was old enough to be carried on my back when land trapping (didnt take him in the water till he could handle it). He is now 10 and if he keeps his grades up I take him out of school for the first 5 days of trapping season. He buys his own traps with money he earns feeding folks animals on some of the local farms when they go out of town. He saves his money all year to go to trapping conventions. Then he helps modify all the traps and skin all the critters. He knows if he dont help, then he dont share the fur check. He lives and breaths trapping, hunting, fishing you never see him in front of the TV, and he already knows that nothing is free. So YES, trapping is great for kids!!!!!
    We also raise hunting Beagles and he has a couple of those as well. He has won some trials and lost some. He understands you cant win at everything, every time out.
    There is nothing like the outdoors to teach a kid everything he needs to know to be a good man!

  2. rjtx

    I told my kids that if they wanted their own vehicles that they would have to work for them and save their money. My daughter has babysat for 2 summers now and still has a few years to go before she is old enough to drive. My son has worked odd jobs and saved what he has made. He will be able to drive in a few months. I want them to understand that if you want something you have to work for it, not hold your hand out and expect a free ride. Way too many kids and adults expect that free ride now days.

  3. Beavertrapper

    I have an eight year old boy who is all boy. Full of energy and curious about everything. I’ve found that money comes too easy in today’s society. My attempts to teach him the value of money get under cut by grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who try to out do each other at every birthday and Christmas. They shower him with gifts and money. If grand parents give him a hundred bucks as a gift, it’s hard to teach him the value of a dollar by trapping; so I took a different approach.

    I made it about food.

    He loves hamburgers. We have a rule – we have to catch or shoot our hamburgers. Deer, beaver, turkeys – it’s all fair game to be ground up for burgers. It’s been an education for him to watch Dad catch a beaver in a creek, skin it out and cut it up, then grind it into burger and cook it on the grill. He get’s to see the the entire process and understands that no catch = no burgers.

    I made a mistake early on by using 330′s and not letting him set traps because they are dangerous for a kid to fool with. He lost interest because he was forced to sit and watch rather than actually participate. Switching to a snare allowed him to actually set a snare himself and see the results of his efforts. A good effort meant a good dinner; a poor effort meant eating something else.

    He’s also taken a keen interest in the anatomy of the animals when I skin them. He constantly asks about the liver, the intestines, heart, etc and asks if that’s what ours looks like.

    Trapping can be an education on many, many levels – from economics, personal accountability, science and anatomy, etc.

    1. admin

      I guess you have a point with family giving him money. That is like my dog , she is way over weight. We only have to buy 3-4 bags of food a year, because a couple of older folks on the back road feed her all their scraps, several time a day. I think one lady fixes more than they can eat, just to have plenty for my dog. so I can put her on a deit, and it will not matter to her weight.

      The boys likes food, a kid after my own heart! You have found a very interesting way to teach the same lessions from trapping. Smart.

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