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Wolf Creek Products, dog proof trap, DP Trap, Clint has Nothing to do with a trap like this !

Wolf Creek Products, dog proof trap, DP Trap, Clint has Nothing to do with a trap like this !


Guys, I hardly ever come out and bash or tell other trappers what traps are cheap and will likely cost them fur. There are a lot more good traps on the market than bad ones. I also don’t think it is my place to speak badly about someone elses products. I find this childish. I also  believe that we as trappers should have each others back and not try to trick or infer things that are not true to bost sales. The world has enough – snake oil salesmen – and we don’t need this to become the standard in our industry. Like I said, even if I personally don’t like  a trap or  gear, I keep it to myself, BUT……..


I will speak out when someone or a company emplies that I have tested thier trap, like it and plan on using them myself. I found this to be the case at the NTA last weekend.

Let me be crystal clear to everyone, I have not tested the new WOLF CREEK PROUDUCTS dog proof trap. I am not recomending this trap to any trapper, unless you are trapping around me and we are both trapping raccoons. After I saw one one these traps. I would never ever even allow such a cheap made, week springed knock off of the  GRIZZ trap to even be on my line.  To be honest I have never heard of this trap till the NTA. I think the trap is called a deloglo, debago or something like this. I had seveal well meaning trappers and supply dealears come up to me and ask me about the trap. I had the – deer in the head lights look –  because I had no Idea what any of these folks were talking about.

I’m not a brain surgen, but I do have a working brain. I tested the Freedom Brand DP trap last winter for QSR. I talked about testing a new trap, but did not give any details. This was requested by Freedom Brands. So a lot of trappers knew I was testing a trap and not giving a name, company or details. All of a suden a buzz was started that I was testing and loving this new dog proof trap from WOLF Creek Products. A lot of trapper believe it and dealers also were told this from trappers calling in to order this new trap that Clint Locklear is testing and planing on using. I don’t have to be a brain surgen to believe that this rummor was not started and promoted from, Duke, Grizz, Dagger, Freedom Brand or the Z Trap compnay. Who would  benefit and sell more traps if a rummor was started that I was using the new trap from WOLF CREEK PRODUCTS. HUMMMMMM? Some would say this is dishonest and dirty and I would agree. If a trap was a good trap, you do not need to start false rummors to sell it. Period!

Now why has this got under my skin. I have worked hard for my Reputation. You may like me or hate me, but you know I don’t play in the world of B.S. I speak the truth the best I know it. If something is good and I say it, I mean it. If I think there is a better way to catch an animal, I deeply believe it before I give a demo, write about it or put it in video. I have earned my Reputation good or bad from  thousands of miles on a trap line and have the piles and piles of pelts to show for it. My Reputation is not for sale. When I do test products for folks I make it clear that I will try to break it and that I will not blow smoke up thier butt to make them feel better. If its junk or needs work, I will make that clear. I will not promote any product backed by my name or Reputation that I do no believe in, periode! 

So if anyone tells you that I tested the new Wolf Creek Products dog proof trap, know that I did not and please set the record straight for me. If anyone tells you that I like the WCP trap and plan on using it, know its not true and again please set the record straight for me.

I would have never tested a trap like this, any trapper with experience only has to look at it and put it it in thier hands on it, to know that there is WAY better traps to choose from. I personally like to catch and sell raccoons, not see fired off traps and waste my time.

If this post seems harsh to you. How would you feel if someone used you name without your permission to market a cheap knock off trap. I personally think character matters. I think honesty matters.  I even think that reputation matters. Old fashoin maybe, but I can sleep well at night.

None of this suprises me I guess.  WCP has a knife they sale called the American Pelter, Now wait for it, wait for it……… Its 100% made in China. Like I said character matters.

Thanks for listening to me vent,

Clint Locklear


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  1. Chris Lowanse

    First I love your radio show and have not missed one of them and your right character is
    what seperates men from boys. Maybe people are getting the wrong idea from Web Sites like
    PCS Outdoors stating,

    Wolf Creek’s Alcatraz Dog Proof Coon Trap

    Alcatraz DP Trap
    We are proud to introduce the Alcatraz Dog Proof Coon Trap developed by Clint Locklear, from the Predator Control Group, and Wolf Creek Products. They put a lot of thought and testing into this dog proof trap. There are several DP (dog proof) style traps on the market. What makes this one different?
    After much testing in the field and studying Night Vision footage, we decided that we do not want a raccoon to have to grab a trigger to set the trap off. This is why the Alcatraz has a restriction pan that fires when the coon just tries to reach your bait that has been placed behind the trigger.
    You will find that the Alcatraz is a very easy trap to set, no tools needed. A kid can even set it in a very safe manner.
    You will notice a door on the back of the Alcatraz. This door is shut when it is set to catch the raccoon, but can be opened to clean the trap or bait the trap.
    This is a speed tool for any raccoon trapper. It is designed to be stuck in the ground up to the back door and keep you moving to the next set location. You will not need to dig holes to stabilize the Alcatraz.
    The door along with a spring is what holds your coon, until you check your trap. We have decided that “leverage”, not pure spring strength is best for our DP trap. This way the raccoon will retain blood flow to the paw until you check your Alcatraz DP trap. The raccoons don’t typically fight this trap, because the harder they pull the tighter it gets. Built like a tank and will last for years.

    1. admin

      From what I was told from several traps was that they were told that I was using the NEW WCP trap. It was nothing about the Alcatraz.

      1. admin

        told from trappers not traps, oopps

  2. Daniel Carlson

    Well said and keep up the good work.

  3. Bryce Hartzog

    I agree 100%. I don’t think anyone in their right minds will get mad about you mentioning this. You are one of the very few elites in our sport and the spot light is right on you. No need for anyone to lie about you testing products to get it out there (whether its from inside the company or not). Enjoy all that you do for the sport. Keep it coming.


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